We design and manage outreach programs to maximize engagement, exposure, and good will in your community.

Here are a few videos and campaigns we created and tracked for our clients

No wipes down the pipes 

Client: Leucadia Wastewater District

Project Goal: Wet wipes snag on pipe cracks, roots, and bind up pumps and equipment underground causing breaks and sewage overflows/spills. The Batiquitos Lagoon "No WIpes Down the PIpes" video is meant to educate and encourage residents and businesses to help prevent sewer spills by not flushing wet wipes. 

Outcome: 4,275 People Reached; 2,037 Video Views; 517 Post Clicks; 152 Reactions, Comments, Shares from a total audience of 715 likes/followers.

Recurring Newsletter

Client: Leucadia Wastewater District

Project Goal: Communicate to the community of ratepayers ongoing capital projects, homeowner tips, and awards from the District for proactive awareness and engagement. Content creation, design, and layout conducted by Rising Tide Partners with direction & editorial direction from the District.

Outcome: 23,000 mailed and emailed, 66,000 people reached.

Puregreen garden recap slideshow 

Client: Encina Wastewater Authority

Project Goal: Between Spring 2014 – Spring 2016 design, build, maintain, and create outreach and educational material for a natural organic garden space. Focus on the value of Biosolids as a soil amendment and nutrient source in fertilizers. 

Outcome: 105,000 People Reached; 3,500 Facebook Reactions, Comments, Shares. Generated 30% of total social media activity for 2 years. Average Daily Reach: 115 people/day. Average Daily Engagement 4 people/day.

Ocean outfall construction history 

Client: Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA)

Project Goal: Develop a video capturing the history and importance of an ocean outfall pipe and how it directly impacts coastal water quality. Create perspective not just on the infrastructure but its positive environmental, public, and community impact through a personalized retelling of the history of the installation. 

Use: Hosted on https://tinyurl.com/h9s67ue and shared via social media.