We were founded by a surfer turned environmental activist to facilitate greater collaboration between local government, grassroots environmental activists, business, and community organizations.

Our Mission

To provide our clients and their ratepayers meaningful, measurable, and memorable campaigns and programs that enhance and expand clean water and resource recovery projects. 

Jared is a maven. He’s had large impact with our largest chapter in the world, the San Diego chapter. He’s illustrated great leadership qualities and has contributed greatly to our many coastal preservation campaigns in that region. We’ve also worked together with his new venture and we look forward to partnering with them in the years ahead. I’m a fan of Jared.
— Jim Moriarty, Fmr CEO Surfrider Foundation
Jared is the right man for any green outreach project. He loves this issue and works great with all kinds of people. Jared is trustworthy and fun guy to work with. Jared gets the job done.
— Luis Vasquez-Ajmac, Maya Communications

What We've Achieved

  • 2016 - Leucadia Wastewater District won the California Association of Sanitation Agencies "Public Outreach of the Year (Small Plant)" Award
  • Leucadia Wastewater District -
    • 120,000+ People Reached
    • over 12% engagement rate across all media assets
  • Encina Wastewater Authority
    • 105,000+ People Reached
    • 3,500+ People Engaged Yearly
    • 115 People Average Daily Reach